Lea Stein  Jewelry

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Warman's Costume
Jewelry Figurals

by Kathy Flood

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Lea Stein® Paris collectors!
Lea Stein Jewelry
by Judith Just

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...Collectible plastic jewelry by
Lea Stein ® Paris and Marie-Christine Pavone

Thanks for visiting! Explore our pages to find many new pieces of Lea Stein - Paris jewelry! Baubles-and-Bibelots.com always features a large selection of jewelry from Lea Stein - Paris. You will find a great selection of older Lea Stein designs and Lea Stein buttons.

Pavone's galalith jewelry is a favorite among collectors. Be sure to check out Pavone's cats, and other items. During our holiday sale, all Pavone jewelry is 15% off! They are sure to bring a smile to your face!!

American Beauties
Casalinda Necklace We're so proud of our American Beauties! Here's a rundown of who you will find in this section. We have a great selection of jewelry made from repurposed items, as well as elegant gemstone designs. You'll find something for every occasion and every budget!

French Horse Head Featuring a plethora of jewelry in different categories, including collectible jewelry, buttons and various items found on our world-wide travels.

Whether you're a collector or wear jewelry to perk up your wardrobe, you're certain to find something to tickle your fancy on Baubles-and-Bibelots.com!

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